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Serving Congregations with a History of Clergy Misconduct for Religious Educators



Sponsor: UUA Ministries and Faith Development: Religious Education Credentialing Office

Online Course with Rev. Dr. Deborah J. Pope-Lance

Webinar: Serving Congregations with a History of Clergy Misconduct 
Summer/Fall 2019 & Winter 2020
An exploration of the impact of clergy misconduct on a congregation and of the unique challenges experienced by ministers who serve these congregations. The focus throughout is on the pastoral relationship and the afterpastor's unique tasks in healing and cultural change. Among the questions considered: how to respond to the immediate aftermath of disclosed misconduct; how to address the persistent, chronic difficulties that pervade the culture of a congregation; how to encourage healthy practices and to begin to effect cultural change; and how to navigate reactive and crazy-making interactions typical of minister-congregant relationships in misconducted congregations.
Six Units: 
Each unit includes prerecorded video lectures or presentations (<45 minutes), reading assignments (<45 minutes), activities or practice (<30 minutes), and a breakout session on Zoom (<60 minutes). Each unit is designed to require 3 hours for a total of 18 hours, inclusive of breakout sessions.
Breakout sessions: 
Each units includes a 1 hour breakout session via Zoom and scheduled as follows: 
Winter 2020
For Religious Education Staff: Wednesdays 12-1 pm ET- Jan 15 & 29; Feb 13 & 19; March 4 & 18; (make-up date April 1)
Syllabus: Access to the course's Google Drive folder will be shared following registration and receipt of payment. This folder contains a syllabus, readings, activities, and video presentations. 
Participants will need a computer equipped with video camera and microphone. Headphones are recommended. The course's materials and activities are accessed via Google Drive and Zoom video conferences. A Facebook discussion page for participants includes all current and past participants.
Each participant is eligible for a free individual consultation/coaching session with Dr Pope-Lance in which to discuss an issue or challenge of the participant's choice. Please email to schedule before last break out session of webinar. 
$335 per participant. Payment must be made via check, credit card, Paypal or Venmo. Please email contact Dr. Deborah J. Pope-Lance at for assistance as needed. 


For more info contact Dr Pope-Lance at

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