Neurodivergent Skill Up: Expansive and Intensives with Rev. Leela Sinha

Headshot of Leela Sinha

The fifth in our Supporting Neurodivergence in Our Congregations Skill Up series, we are excited to welcome Rev. Leela Sinha to this series. Ze created the Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework to describe a variety of ways people’s brains, energy patterns, and work and play styles differ. Ze uses this framework in coaching individuals and teams in embracing their strengths and working together. This model of brain differences is independent of medical world views, diagnosis’ or the DSM. We hope this model provides another way to expand the inclusiveness of our congregations and help better include all.*

Rev. Leela Sinha (ze/zim/zir) is a brown, queer, genderqueer, entrepreneurial community minister with a theology of pleasure and a habit of transformative mischief. In zir work, ze offers leadership coaching, training, and keynotes, working with leaders and organizations to develop and delight in the power and intensity we have, and to use that power for good. Zir book, "You're Not Too Much" came out in 2016. Ze has been a UU all zir life, and lives and works in the Bay Area. Check out zir’s work with zir Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework, work supporting teams and individuals working together, and podcast at The Intensives Institute.

Plus, find out if you’re an intensive or expansive! There’s a 10 question quiz after which you can take a much more detailed 136 questionnaire which will give more personalized results.

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*Note that the term "neurodivergence" grew out of the disability rights movement. Neurodivergent people have a diagnoseable brain difference/disability and are impacted by abelism. Rev. Leela Sinha's model is entirely outside the medical model of disability and zir terms "expansive" and "intensive" do not map on to "neurotypical" and "neurodivergent." Neurodivergent people may be expansive and neurotypical people may be intensive.

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