Neurodivergence Skill Up: 101 with Heather Petit

This is first in a series by the UUA and UU Ministers Association on neurodivergence, neurotypicality, and ableism called Welcoming Neurodivergent People: Skill Up SeriesRead more about how we got to this series and where we hope it might take us.

Our first interview is with Heather Petit! In this session we talk about everything from a definition of neurodivergence, models of disability, communication, and much more! We had such a great time interviewing Heather, and feel like we all learned a lot that we're excited to share with each of you.

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Heather Petit

This skill up is in a flipped classroom model.
The interview is available to stream online and you'll receive a link when you register. You can watch whenever works for you!
You'll also receive a link to a form to submit questions. 
On August 19th at 1pm we will have a watch party of the video.

Then at 2:20 after a short bio break we will start the Q&A with Heather Petit.

All registrants will receive a recording of the Q&A so you can receive answers to your questions even if you cannot attend the live Q&A.

You can receive Renaissance credit for participating in seven of the many webinars that will be available in the series and by completing a final project.

Receiving Renaissance Credit for the Neurodivergence Webinar Series (Word, 2 pages)

Receiving Renaissance Credit for the Neurodivergence Webinar Series (PDF, 2 pages)

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