Neurodivergence Skill Up: Introduction to ADHD with Mackenzie MacDade

The sixth in our Supporting Neurodivergence in Our Congregations Skill Up series, we are joined by Mackenzie McDade who shares her experience of ADHD as a person and Religious Educator. This presentation will highlight the assumptions that people make about ADHD and how those assumptions prevent us from providing meaningful lifelong ministry to those with ADHD.

Headshot of Mackenzie MacDade. A woman of color with bleached locs, a black bandana, purple glasses, and dark lipstick speaks into a mic, pointing one finger up

Mackenzie MacDade is a 33 year old, queer woman of color, teaching artist, feminist, part time poet and general rabble rouser. She got her start in feminism from a book of feminist nursery rhymes, and her start in pop culture analysis from 9 years of homeschooling (translation: 9 years of TV and movie watching). A firm believer in queering the collective consciousness, she strives to inspire people to redesign their idea of normal and step out their comfort zone. She takes inspiration from Gertrude Stein, Buffy, Angela Davis, Faith and bell hooks. Someone once described her as “The love child of Angela Davis and Ru-Paul” and she thinks that just about sums it up.

We will have a live viewing at at 2pm ET/1pm CT/12pm MT/11am PT followed by a Q&A around 3:15pm ET/2:15pm CT/1:15pm MT/12:15am PT on March 21. Registered participants can view the recorded webinar ahead of time and submit their questions before the event. All registrants will receive a recording of the Q&A.

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