Neurodivergence Skill Up: Congregational Life with Dr. Ramon Selove

Picture of white man with shoulder-length salt and pepper hair and beard with glasses, nuzzling a black labrador. Image reads Ramon R. G. Selove Associate Professor Retired Lord Fairfax Community College

This is second in a series by the UUA and UU Ministers Association on neurodivergence, neurotypicality, and ableism called Welcoming Neurodivergent People: Skill Up SeriesRead more about how we got to this series and where we hope it might take us.

Please find the talk and Q&A session recording on the UUMA storefront. Your purchase will directly support the continuation of this series.

This skill up is in a flipped classroom model.
The interview is available to stream online and you'll receive a link when you register. You can watch whenever works for you!
You'll also receive a link to a form to submit questions. 
On September 7th at 3pm we will have a watch party of the video.

Then at 4:20, after a short bio break, we will start the Q&A with Ramon Selove.

All registrants will receive a recording of the Q&A so you can receive answers to your questions even if you cannot attend the live Q&A.

You can receive Renaissance credit for participating in seven of the many webinars that will be available in the series and by completing a final project.

Receiving Renaissance Credit for the Neurodivergence Webinar Series (Word, 2 pages)

Receiving Renaissance Credit for the Neurodivergence Webinar Series (PDF, 2 pages)

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