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9.1 What kinds of books are on the reading lists?
The reading list is different for each credentialing level sought, so exact titles depend on the particular list. In general, subject categories covered are: Unitarian Universalist (UU) institutional policy; congregational resources and introductory works; UU history and polity; history and philosophy of liberal religious education; the social dimension of religion and religious education; and world religions. In addition the lists for the Credentialed Religious Educator and Credentialed Religious Educator, Masters Level include categories of worship and spirituality, and faith and human development. For specifics of the books, please review the Religious Education Credentialing book lists.

9.2 I read a book a long time ago. Do I have to have it memorized in order to indicate on the reading list that I have read it?
No, you do not have to memorize the books you read. But you should be prepared to articulate your general understanding of the book, as well as how it has influenced your work as a professional religious educator.

9.3 How can I ever afford to buy all those books on the reading lists?
Think about sharing books with colleagues, or approaching your district to include them in its religious education library. Also, the Office of RE Credentialing has a lending library of these books, which was created by the generosity of an anonymous donor. Contact the RE Credentialing Assistant for lending library procedures.

9.4 What if I want to read a different book than one on the reading list?
There is now a reading list provision by which one or more books of the participant’s choice may be substituted for specific books on the reading list. All substitutions must be approved by the RECC well before program completion. Contact the Religious Education Credentialing Assistant for the RE Credentialing book list substitution request form. Please note that you may be asked to provide a copy of the book for evaluation by the Committee.

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