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6.1 What are the academic and professional training requirements for the program?
In order to complete the Religious Education Credentialing program, participants must have attained the following:

  • Credentialed Religious Educator, Associate Level: At least 75 hours of professional training appropriate to religious education leadership.
  • Credentialed Religious Educator: Attain an undergraduate (B.A./B.S.) degree or equivalent. A minimum of 7 structured learning experiences appropriate to religious education leadership beyond the basic 75 hours of professional training.
  • Credentialed Religious Educator, Masters Level: A graduate degree (masters level in any field) or equivalent. Graduate credit (or equivalency) in the following areas: Unitarian Universalist history and polity, philosophy and history of Unitarian Universalist religious education, teaching methods, and learning theories.

6.2 I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree. Will I be shut out of this program?
No. You have two options. The first is to work towards achieving Credentialed Religious Educator, Associate Level which has a requirement of 75 hours of professional training, but no academic requirement. The second option is to work towards achieving the Credentialed Religious Educator level, and determining if an equivalency fulfillment of the Bachelors degree requirement is possible. See a description of the guidelines to requirements for this and other equivalencies. Please note two things: the equivalency for a Bachelors degree does require some undergraduate course work; and an equivalency for a Masters degree cannot not be requested if a equivalency for a Bachelors degree has already been granted.

6.3 I want to work towards the Credentialed Religious Educator, Masters Level. I have a Bachelor’s degree but no time to take any graduate courses, let alone a Master’s degree. What do I do?
In most cases an equivalency for a Masters degree can also be requested, as well as equivalencies for the graduate-level work in Unitarian Universalist (UU) history and polity, history and philosophy of UU religious education, and teaching methods and learning theories. See the equivalency guidelines for more details.

6.4 Do I have to take graduate courses for credit? This makes them so expensive.
For a graduate course to fulfill a Credentialed Religious Educator, Masters Level requirement in and of itself, it must be taken for credit. But a non-credit class might be used as part of a request for an equivalency, as long as the other equivalency requirements are met. There is no getting around it. Graduate study can be expensive. But keep in mind a few things: the requirement is only for the Credentialed Religious Educator, Masters Level, and then only for UU History and Polity, the History and Philosophy of UU Religious Education, and Teaching Methods and Learning Theories. Also, there is some financial assistance available for these courses from the Office of RE Credentialing.

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