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2009 Plan Religious Education Credentialing Forms and Resources

The information on this page is for current candidates completing the Religious Education Credentialing Program under 2009 Plan requirements. Please refer to the Religious Education (RE) Credentialing Program Plan (PDF, 17 pages) for a program overview and details. 

For candidates completing the RECP under the 2014 plan, please refer to Religious Education Credentialing Forms and Resources.

Forms for Completing the 2009 Religious Education Credentialing Program

Forms All 2009 Candidates Must Submit

  1. RE Credentialing Information Cover Sheet (Word), (PDF, 1 page)
  2. Personal statements. Complete the form that corresponds to your credentialing level (samples in Resources section, below):

  3. Self-Assessment of Competencies (Word), (PDF, 2 pages)
  4. Resource Check List (Word), (PDF, 9 pages)
  5. Recommendation Forms (Word), (PDF, 5 pages)


  1. RE Credentialing Equivalency Requirements (PDF, 26 pages), including forms for equivalency requests and waivers
  2. Generative Project Proposal Form (PDF, 2 pages) (Word), for Master Level candidates who choose the Generative Project option

2009 Plan Resources

Portfolio Standards: Requirements for Creating Your RE Credentialing Portfolio (PDF, 5 pages)

Reflection Paper and and Generative Project standards are found in the Religious Education (RE) Credentialing Program Plan (PDF, 17 pages).

Resource List Substitutions: Resource List Substitution Form (Word) 

What to Expect: What to Expect from the RECC Interview Meeting (PDF, 4 pages) 

  1. Annotated Resource List (PDF, 45 pages)
  2. Continuum of Competencies (PDF, 13 pages)—describes scope of knowledge and skill expected in each competency for each level of credentialing.
  3. Competency grids—an optional tool intended to help you identify and organize the experiences and work products you would like to include in your portfolio:

  4. Stages of Formation for Credentialed Religious Educators (PDF, 3 pages)—explains how a religious educator at each credentialing level can be expected to function in and beyond a congregation


  1. Sample Associate Level Portfolio (PDF, 65 pages) (conforms to 2009 program requirements)
  2. Sample Credentialed Level Portfolio (PDF, 146 pages) (Screen Reader Version) (conforms to 2009 program requirements)
  3. Sample Master Level Reflection Paper (PDF 25, pages) (confirms to 2009 program requirements)
  4. Sample Master Level Portfolio (PDF, 329 pages) (conforms to older version of program requirements; remains a good illustration of competencies documented at Master Level)
  5. Sample Associate Level Personal Statement (PDF, 1 page).
  6. Sample Credentialed Level Personal Statement (PDF, 3 pages)
  7. Sample Master Level Personal Statement (PDF, 4 pages)

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