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Credentialing Program Requirements for Music Leadership

This model of program requirements is based on a three-year program cycle. Candidates will:

  • Sign and follow the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network (UUMN) “Code of Professional Practices.”
  • Attend the entire UUMN annual summer conference for three years (within a three to six year period).
  • Attend all core and Professional Development Day (PDD) courses and complete all coursework unless a course waiver has been approved by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Music Leadership Credentialing Committee (MLCC).
  • Complete and submit a portfolio of materials from the entire program as specified by the MLCC. The portfolio includes a Community Service Project for which candidates must submit a proposal in advance to the MLCC and receive approval.
  • Engage in a professional relationship with a congregational sponsor and a UUMN advisor.
  • Meet twice annually with the sponsor and advisor in a Triad Meeting.
  • Be evaluated annually by the sponsor, advisor, one’s self, and the MLCC.
  • Be recommended for credentialing by the Advisor and Sponsor.
  • Complete a criminal background check from a vendor approved by the UUA.
  • Assume financial responsibility for the $350 annual program fee, all expenses related to attending the required UUMN annual summer conferences, the criminal background check, and any expenses related to maintaining the professional relationship with the sponsor and advisor.


Tenure Track

Entrance to the Tenure Track option is open until September 1, 2015, for those having 10 or more years of experience as a professional music leader in one or more UU congregations prior to September 1, 2010. Successful completion leads to UUA Credentialed Music Leader status.

Tenure Track candidates will:

  • Submit an application form and $350 application fee.
  • Be current members of the UUMN, and sign and follow the UUMN Code of Professional Practices.
  • Submit letters of support from the minister and the president of the congregation served.
  • Submit reflection papers on his or her professional formation as a music leader and on his or her philosophy of music ministry.
  • Submit documentation of training and competency in music skills and resources, UU heritage and values, and leadership and interpersonal skills as specified in the Tenure Track requirements.
  • Provide documentation of a community service project as specified in the Tenure Track requirements.
  • Complete, at the candidate's own expense, a criminal background check from a vendor approved by the UUA.
  • Submitted materials will be evaluated by the MLCC. Candidates seeking recognition at the Service of the Living Tradition must submit all materials by February 28 of the year they wish to be recognized.


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