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Going Online: Using the Ministerial Settlement System
Going Online: Using the Ministerial Settlement System
Career Development for Ministers, Ministerial Transitions
  1. Only one registration is allowed per minister or congregation, so check with the Transitions Office before continuing if you or your group may already have an account. For search committee registration, the person registering must also be the one person designated to communicate with the Transitions Office.
  2. Register as a minister or a congregation on the Settlement System registration page. Complete the registration and create your own username and password. Neither should have more than eight letters and/or numbers. Save them—you can't re-enter without them!
  3. You should now have arrived at the main menu. If you are instead returned to the registration page, either your username or password is already in use. Please re-register, avoiding double-u's and commonly used names.
  4. To re-enter: input your username and password on the Settlement System log-in page.

To all:
Please read carefully and follow all instructions within the Settlement System pertaining to creation and saving of your record. This will help ensure that your record is saved accurately the first time around.

To search committees:
Share your username and password with all members of your committee and, when you have completed your Application for Minister and your Congregational Record, with your Ministerial Settlement Representative for review. Your MSR will let the Transitions Office know when your CR is ready for ministerial access ("unveiling").

To ministers:
Even if you are not ready to go into search, feel free to browse amongst the CRs. It is wise to keep your Ministerial Record up-to-date regardless of your status.

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