Ministry in Large Congregations

Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations with more than 550 members are considered "large" in our faith community. If your congregation is in this category, you probably know well that the needs of larges congregations are very different.

  • Ministry Changes as Churches Grow (PDF) by Stefan Jonasson
    There are different styles of ministry, some of which are better suited than others to congregations of each size. In large congregations, the nature of ministry changes dramatically, beginning with the degree of specialization that is required.
  • How to Minister Effectively in Family, Pastoral, Program, and Corporate Sized Churches
    Roy M. Oswald reflects on the different styles of ministry found in different sizes of congregations and how those styles enhance or inhibit ministerial functioning.
  • Core Competencies of Large Church Leadership
    In consultation with UUA staff and senior ministers from some of our largest congregations, Susan Beaumont developed a list of the core competencies for ministers in large congregations. These describe the skills, personal attributes and behavioral patterns of people who are successful in large church leadership.
  • The Senior Minister as Chief of Staff (PDF)
    It’s common for people to ask why it is that the senior minister should be chief of staff, barring some compelling reason for organizing the staff otherwise. Beyond being the most common model in a multi-staff congregation, designating the senior minister (or co-ministers) as chief of staff is grounded in the minister’s breadth of oversight and privilege of call.