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Statement of Congregational Sponsorship for a Ministerial Candidate

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One of the requirements for Fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist minister is sponsorship by a Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregation. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure familiarity on the part of our UU ministers with UU congregational life, and encourage congregations to take a responsible role in the recruitment, preparation and assessment of our future ministers.

Sponsorship of a Candidate indicates confidence in the person's potential and suitability for UU ministry. The Ministerial Fellowship Committee and the UUA Ministry and Professional Leadership Staff Group will regard congregational sponsorship as evidence that the person seeking fellowship is actively committed to Unitarian Universalism and the institutions which uphold our faith tradition.

In most instances, sponsorship of a Candidate will be determined by vote of the congregation or its representative body.

With the above in mind, we, the

(name of Congregation)

are pleased to sponsor

(name of Candidate)

as a Candidate for fellowship in the UU ministry.


(congregation president or board chair)

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