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The Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) required reading list is not intended to be an alternative theological school curriculum. The Committee assumes that all candidates have received a sound theological education and a good general preparation for ministry. The items below represent knowledge and resources essential to informed Unitarian Universalist (UU) identity. Many are available in various print and electronic sources and others may be accessed online by following the links provided. 

The Ministerial Fellowship Committee has also developed an encouraged list of books, article and resources for those who wish to become more deeply familiar with UU polity, history, theology, community ministry, social justice and other institutional and denominational resources.

Please place a check in the box next to every book or article read or video reviewed.

Unitarian Universalist Polity

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__ UUA Bylaws and Rules

__ MFC Policies (PDF, 15 pages) MFC Rules (PDF, 17 pages)

__ Unitarian Universalist Minister's Association (UMA) Guidelines and Code of Professional Practice

__ Conrad Wright, Congregational Polity (PDF, 274, pages) (1997)

Unitarian Universalist History

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__ David Robinson, The Unitarians and the Universalists (1985)

__ Charles A. Howe, For Faith and Freedom: A Short History of Unitarianism in Europe (1997)

__ Warren R. Ross, The Premise and the Promise: The Story of the Unitarian Universalist Association (2001)

__ Mark Morrison-Reed, Black Pioneers in a White Denomination (1980)

__ Kathleen Parker, Sacred Service in Civic Space (2007)

__ Cynthia Grant Tucker, The Prophetic Sisterhood: Liberal Women Ministers of the Frontier, 1850-1930 (1990)

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__ Gary Dorrien, The Making of American Liberal Theology: Imagining Progressive Religion 1805-1900 (2001)

__ Phillip Gura, American Transcendentalism (2007)

Classical Unitarian and Universalist History

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__ Edict of Torda (Word) (1568)

__ Hosea Ballou, “Treatise on Atonement (PDF, 48 pages)” (1805)

__ William Ellery Channing, “Unitarian Christianity” (1819)

__ William Ellery Channing “Likeness to God” (1828)

__ Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Divinity School Address” (1839)

__ Theodore Parker, “The Transient and the Permanent in Christianity” (1841)

__ Hosea Ballou, “The Doctrine of Universal Salvation (PDF, 16 pages)” (1849)

__ James Freeman Clarke, “The Five Points of the New Theology” (1886)

__ William Channing Gannett, “The Things Most Commonly Believed Today Among Us” (1887)

__ Peter Hughes, The Cambridge Platform: Contemporary Reader's Edition (2008)

__ Paul Rasor and Susan Ritchie, Unitarian and Universalist Professions of Faith (PDF, 4 pages) (1790-1985))

AUA/UUA Commission on Appraisal Reports

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__ AUA, Unitarians Face a New Age (PDF, 179 pages)

__ UUA, Empowerment (PDF, 104 pages): One Denomination’s Quest for Racial Justice (1983)

__ UUA, Interdependence: Renewing Congregational Polity (1997)

__ UUA, Belonging (PDF, 166 pages): The Meaning of Membership (2001)

__ UUA, Engaging Our Theological Diversity (PDF, 195 pages) (2005)

Core 20th-Century Unitarian and Universalist Theologies

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__ Clarence Russell Skinner, The Social Implications of Universalism (PDF)(1915)

__ Curtis W. Reese, Humanism (PDF, 22 pages) (1926)

__ John Dietrich, “Unitarianism and Humanism (PDF, 10 pages)” (1927)

__ James Luther Adams, “Why Liberal (PDF, 4 pages)?” (1939)

__ James Luther Adams, “The Liberalism that is Dead (PDF, 3 pages)” (1940)

__ James Luther Adams, “The Changing Reputation of Human Nature (PDF, 24 pages)” (1942-43)

__ James Luther Adams, “A Faith for Free Men (PDF 21, pages)” (1946)

__ James Luther Adams, “Theological Bases of Social Action (PDF, 16 pages)”(1950-51)

__ James Luther Adams, “The Liberal Christian Holds Up the Mirror (PDF, 8 pages)” (1956)

__ James Luther Adams, “The Indispensable Discipline of Social Responsibility (PDF, 4 pages)” (1966)

__ Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley and Nancy Palmer Jones, Soul Work: Anti-racist Theologies in Dialogue (2003)

__ Paul Rasor, Faith Without Certainty: Liberal Theology in the 21st Century (2005)

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__ William R. Murry, Reason and Reverence: Religious Humanism in the 21st Century (2006)

__ William F. Schulz, Making the Manifesto: The Birth of Religious Humanism (2002)

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__ Sharon D. Welch, A Feminist Ethic of Risk (1990)

__ Charles Hartshorne, The Divine Relativity (1948)

__ Rita Nakashima Brock & Rebecca Ann Parker, Proverbs of Ashes: Violence, Redemptive Suffering and the Search for What Saves Us (2001)

Lifespan Faith Development

Read At Least One UUA-Published Religious Education Curriculum for Each Age Level and Identify by Title:

__ Grades 5 and under: __________________________________

__ Grades 6-12: _______________________________________

__ Adult: _____________________________________________

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__ UUA, Essex Conversations: Visions for Lifespan Religious Education (2001)

__ Sophia Fahs, Today’s Children and Yesterday’s Heritage (PDF): A Philosophy for Creative Religious Development (1961)

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__ Roberta M. Nelson, Claiming the Past, Shaping the Future: Four Eras in Liberal Religious Education 1790-1999 (2006)

__ Wayne Arnason & Rebecca Scott, We Would Be One (2007)

Justice and Witness

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__ UUA, Welcoming Congregation

__ Richard S. Gilbert, The Prophetic Imperative (2001)

__ UUA, Journey Toward Wholeness JTW: 1996-2002 (PDF, 36 pages) and Anti-Racism, Anti-Opression, Multicultural (ARAOMC) Resources 

Choose Three

__ William Jones, Is God a White Racist? (1973)

__ Paul Kivel, Uprooting Racism (2002)

__ Mark Morrison-Reed, Been in the Storm So Long (1991)

__ Thandeka, Learning to Be White (2000)

__ California Newsreel, Race: The Power of Illusion (Video) (2003)

__ Alicia McNair Forsey, et al, In Their Own Words (PDF, 72 pages): A Conversation Among the Participants in the Black Empowerment Controversy (2001)

Sexuality Issues

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__Our Whole Lives  (OWL) Grade 7-9 Curriculum

__ One Other Our Whole Lives (OWL) Curriculum

__ Marvin Ellison, Erotic Justice

__ Marie Fortune, Love Does No Harm

__ Debra Haffner, A Time To Build

__ Debra Haffner, UUA: Balancing Acts

Professional Resources and Introductory Works

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__ UUA, Pamphlet Sampler

__ UUA, Singing the Living Tradition (1993)

__ UUA, Singing the Journey (2005)

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__ Peter Morales The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide (2012)

__ John Buehrens and Forrest Church, A Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism (1998)

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__ UUA, Safe Congregations Handbook (2005)

__ Gil Rendle, Leading Change in the Congregation: Spiritual and Organizational Tools for Leaders (2002)

Choose Two

__ Robert Hill, The Complete Guide to Small Group Ministry (2003)

__ Ken Sawyer and Jane Rzepka, Thematic Preaching (2001)

__ Terry Sweetser and Susan Milnor, The Abundance of Our Faith (2006)

__ Wayne Arnason and Kathleen Rolenz, Worship That Works (2008)


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