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Interviewing with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee

Once an Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) interview has been requested and an interview date has been set you will need to begin to send in items to the Ministerial Credentialing Office so that we can prepare your interview packet:

All forms may be found in the Requirements for Ministerial Fellowship Appendix (Word) (PDF). 

  1. Biographical Information Sheet

  2. Biographical background form (two to three pages double-spaced)

  3. Digital (head shot) photograph

  4. Signed and dated MFC Reading List

  5. Conviction Disclosure form

  6. Oxford criminal background check

  7. Consent for Release of Information for Transfer and Plural Candidates

  8. Career Assessment Report from an approved career assessment program.

  9. Essay: “What is the theological context of your call to Unitarian Universalist ministry? Refer to at least one theologian, one personal experience and one sacred text.” (Maximum length: 4 pages, double-spaced)

  10. Essay or short reflection paper explaining how your analysis of anti-racism, anti-oppression, and multiculturalism is reflected in your ministry. (Maximum length: 4 pages, double-spaced)

  11. Essay: Describe a personal experience of ministering with children or youth and how this experience informs your philosophy of religious education. (Maximum length: 4 pages, double-spaced)

  12. RSCC letter (if available)

  13. Five letters of reference: A faculty member or advisor if the candidate is enrolled in seminary, or a recent graduate; a Unitarian Universalist minister other than the internship supervisor; anyone of the candidate’s choice who has known him or her for at least six years; anyone of the candidate’s choice; a religious educator.  (All letters of recommendation must be dated, signed and must clearly indicate that they have been shared with the candidate.)

  14. Internship Learning/Serving Agreement (signed and dated)

  15. Internship evaluations:  _____ Self _____Supervisor _____Committee

  16. First unit CPE or CPSP Evaluations:  _____Self   ______Supervisor

  17. All MFC Statements of Competency

  18. All official graduate transcripts (and undergraduate transcripts, if available)

As a candidate for the Unitarian Universalist ministry, you are expected to maintain active participation in a UU congregation. The MFC requires at least one letter of recommendation describing the extent of your participation. The MFC expects candidates to be able to demonstrate an understanding of and experience with UU congregational life based on at least two years active involvement. 

In order to protect the integrity of the ministry, in rare instances it may be necessary for the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to permanently discourage certain persons from pursuing ministerial fellowship. Therefore, upon the recommendation of the Ministerial Credentialing Director, the Executive Committee of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee may refuse to grant an interview to an individual they deem highly unsuitable for Unitarian Universalist ministry.

A copy of the procedures regarding complaints against candidates for UU ministry is available from the Ministerial Credentialing Office.

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