Salary Recommendations for Interns

Recommended Internship Salary Amounts

At the December 2018 meeting of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, the MFC received and voted to accept a proposal from the UUA Office of Church Staff Finance to advance the recommended internship salary amount toward a living wage of $15/hour over the next five years. In FY 2022, the recommended salary amounts include:

Recommended Internship Salary Amounts
SIZE (members) Per Month Full-Time Per Month Part-Time
<250 $2,207 $1,104
250-499 $2,318 $1,159
500-749 $2,363 $1,182
>750 $2,429 $1,215

These recommended salaries should be adjusted for the Geo Index, Geo Index Listing 2021-2022 (PDF), as explained below.

Wage data from the Economic Research Institute (ERI) is used to assign a Geo Index to each congregation. Geo Indices range from Geo Index 1 to Geo Index 7, with Geo Index 3 representing congregations in communities where the average wage paid falls close to the U.S. average. Each successive number away from 3 represents a 6% increase or decrease. To adjust intern salaries in a congregation listed in Geo Index 5, for instance, multiply the recommended salary by 1.12 (increase by 12%). To adjust for Geo Index 2, multiply by .94 (decrease by 6%).

As an additional resource, please refer to the MIT Living Wage calculator.