Salary Recommendations for Interns
Salary Recommendations for Interns
Career Development for Ministers, Becoming a Minister

Recommended Internship Salary Amounts

At the December 2018 meeting of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, the MFC received and voted to accept a proposal from the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances to advance the recommended salary toward a living wage of $15/hour (adjusted for geographic index, see below) over the next five years. Starting in FY 2020, these new recommended salaries include:

  • less than 250 members: $1815/month full-time, $908 month half-time
  • 250 to 499 members: $2036/month full time, $1018/month half-time
  • 500 to 749 members: $2126/month full time, $1063/month half-time
  • more than 750 members: $2259/month full-time, $1130/month half-time

Each congregational location has been assigned an index reflecting their cost of wages relative to the U.S. average. Geo Index 3 represents locations close to the U.S. average. For each number higher or lower than 3, adjust by 6%. (Examples: Geo Index 5, multiply posted salaries by 1.12. Geo Index 2, multiply by .94.)

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