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Sample Agreements for Ministerial Internships
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Learning/Service Agreements

The following documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Sample Letter of Agreement for Ministerial Internships in Congregations

This agreement is between _________ (congregation/agency), hereinafter referred to as "the Church" and _________ (name of intern), hereinafter referred to as "the Intern," and covers a period from _________ (start date) through _________ (end date).

The Church agrees to offer an internship position commensurate with the requirements of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC).  Supervision will be provided by the Internship Supervisor, the Reverend _________, and the Internship Committee, whose responsibilities will coincide with those described in the UUA Internship Manual.  The Church offers a stipend of _________.  Additional benefits include (professional expenses, health/life insurance, housing, etc.)  The Church shall be responsible for paying the employer's portion of FICA, which equals 7.65% of the internship stipend, and will withhold an additional 7.65% from the stipend for the Intern's portion of FICA.  The Church is also required to withhold income taxes from the Intern's stipend.

The Intern will provide ministerial services to the congregation including but not limited to preaching, teaching, counseling, administration, and rites of passage ceremonies.  The Intern is expected to participate in professional meetings and conferences as he or she is able.  A Learning/Serving Agreement, mutually agreeable to both the Intern and the Church, will be created during the first month of the Internship to spell out the specifics of learning goals, responsibilities, hours, time off, etc.

Office space will be provided for the Intern.  Any honoraria or fees collected by the Intern for officiating at weddings, unions, memorials, funerals and child dedications for non-members of the church, and for preaching in other pulpits, will be the property of the Intern.  The Church will, if requested, pay in advance up to _________ to assist the intern in moving to the Internship site.  The remainder of the package will be distributed monthly in equal portions.

The Church will provide prompt evaluations to whatever educational or fellowshipping bodies that require them.  The Internship Supervisor will provide, at minimum, weekly meetings of one hour or more; the Internship Committee will provide, at minimum, monthly meetings for support and evaluation.  The Church will provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere and treat the Intern with the same professional courtesy it shows its called minister.

Should there be sound and compelling reason for either party to terminate this agreement before the end of the contract, a minimum of thirty days' written notice shall be given.  In such an event, the stipend will be paid through the end of thirty days' notice.

Signed and Dated by:  Congregational President; Minister/Supervisor; Ministerial Intern; Chair of the Internship Committee

Copies to: Church; Supervisor; Intern; Intern's Theological School; UUA Ministerial Credentialing Office and Internship Clearinghouse Office.

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