Interview Preparation from an In Care Program

There are several ways to support aspirants or candidates who are preparing to meet with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC). Aspirants or candidates should discuss with their vocational advisors which would be most helpful to them:

  • At the request of the aspirant or candidate, the student’s vocational advisor or a member of the in care program steering committee offers feedback as the student creates their MFC packet for submission.
  • A candidate participates in a full MFC “mock interview” similar to an MFC appointment. A designated steering committee member organizes such an interview using the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) suggestions.
  • A candidate participates in a practice MFC interview without delivering a sermon. In this case, a panel organized by the steering committee reviews materials and asks questions that surface from the submitted material. This approach offers the candidate the experience of responding to questions similar to what might be asked by the MFC.
  • A candidate delivers their planned MFC sermon to a panel that provides feedback on the content and delivery of the student’s sermon. The panel is organized by members of the in care program steering committee or by the candidate’s vocational advisor.
  • An aspirant or candidate requests a consultation on the written material they have compiled for their packets without being asked questions about it. A number of ministers from the in care program (or recruited by the steering committee) review the material to look for areas where the MFC may have concerns.