Eden Seminary, St. Louis, In Care Program

Serving Unitarian Universalists at Eden Theological Seminary

The in care program at Eden Theological Seminary, called the Unitarian Universalist House of Studies, was begun at the invitation of the seminary as part of its practice of supporting students’ connections with their own faith tradition.

Brief History

The in care program began in 2012 when Rev. Julie Taylor was asked to direct the Unitarian Universalist House of Studies by the seminary. Rev. Taylor receives a small annual stipend from Eden.

2012 and 2013

Chaplain to Students and Liaison to Faculty

  • Rev. Taylor offered regular group meetings and individual discernment and formation counseling for UU seminarians.
  • Guest speakers offered on topics such as UU history.
  • Several Eden faculty sought information about Unitarian Universalism from Rev. Taylor.
  • Rev. Taylor worked with local Unitarian Universalist congregations to try and arrange placements so that UU students could fulfill contextual education requirements in UU settings.


Building Stronger Connections to Support Unitarian Universalist Students

  • Rev. Taylor created a workshop for students on conducting ceremonies (weddings, memorials, baby dedications, etc.)
  • Rev. Taylor met with faculty and dean to explore ways to incorporate the MFC reading list into academic work (for example, as alternative texts).
  • A small Panel on Theological Education grant enabled seminarians to attend District Assembly.
  • Rev. Taylor worked with a local UU congregation to expand a contextual education site into a possible part-time two-year ministerial internship site.
  • Through the building of relationships, Eden added a Unitarian Universalist history and polity course to its calendar.