Appoint a Liaison to Students

Serving a Larger Number

If there are more than four Unitarian Universalist (UU) students at a seminary, it is difficult for one denominational representative  to meet the varying needs of those in preparation. It is recommended that you instead institute a professional advisor program.

Responsibilities of Liaison to Students

In this structure, the district or regional staff person appoints a minister to serve as liaison to Unitarian Universalist seminarians. While the denominational representative serves as an advisor to several students at a time, a student liaison is focused on recruiting, training and assigning professional advisors to individual students.

The liaison’s responsibilities include:

  • Speaking with each student to understand their personality type, ministerial aspirations, areas for growth, personal needs or challenges, and existing support structures, including relationships with ministers
  • Recruiting and selecting ministers to become vocational advisors to Unitarian Universalist students.
  • Matching the profile and needs of the student with the gifts and interests of the advisor
  • Leading an annual training session for newly recruited advisors
  • Leading an annual ingathering for students and vvocational advisors to introduce the program, emphasize any new program elements and build community
  • Working with the project facilitator to organize programming for students, including student-minister gatherings
  • Working with the theological school to arrange for Unitarian Universalist courses.


You may apply for funding from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) so this person can be paid a stipend which ranges between $1500 and $3000 per year. Although on average, a student liaison dedicates one hour per student per month throughout the year. Generally, the time commitment is heaviest at the beginning of the school year.