Establish Student Leadership

We recommend that there be one or two students who serve as the point of contact for the project facilitator or student liaison so that communication about student-minister gatherings and cluster, district or Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) events is seemless.


  • Help maintain student names and email addresses in the various communication vehicles
  • Facilitate Unitarian Universalist (UU) student meetings and social gatherings
  • Organize volunteers for student-led efforts such as planning and leading worship for the theological school community
  • Lead or recruit a leader for a denominational student group supported by the theological school, if there is such a group.
  • Send reminders to students about all student-minister gatherings organized by the planning team or steering committee.
  • Inform students in aspirant or candidate status about UUMA gatherings to which they are invited.
  • Recruit UU students to attend or become involved in efforts of nearby congregations, such as social change events, lay leadership development, workshops, etc., and to report back to other students


A student leaders is recruited and appointed for that role by planning team or steering committee and is preferably someone in candidate status. Once the position is established, there should be overlap between outgoing leaders and those newly assuming the role. Ideally, the student leader serves an 18-month term starting in the middle of the school year The outgoing person can then serve as co-leader with a new person for one semester to transfer knowledge and share the workload.