Form an Assessment and Planning Team


  • Identify students at the seminary(ies) nearby
  • Work with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to identify students who are distance learners but located in the area
  • Work with UUA to identify students who are distance learners who could become part of the group using technology
  • Assess student needs
  • Build a relationship with the seminary(ies)
  • Design a program using components from this guide
  • Apply for funding


Congregational Life Staff can offer input on who will be effective members of the first planning team. It is wise to choose one person who could eventually serve as the project facilitato r, one who could serve as denominational representative, and/or one who could serve as student liaison. Some or all of the planning team participants might become members of the first steering committee, recruiting others as needed.

Meet with each potential member of the planning team separately to explain the idea of the program and their role. You may want to create a brochure to offer an overview. Explain:

Assure them that it is ok to say “no.” They can still commit to the program at a later date.