Support Isolated Aspirants and Candidates
Career Development for Ministers, Becoming a Minister, Support and Caring in Congregations

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) District and Regional staff can help the in care program identify multi-denominational theological schools in the area that do not have enough Unitarian Universalist students sufficient to offer a full program. Your in care program can provide support to students in those situations:

  • Recruit ministers to serve vocational advisors for them.  Create a way for vocational advisors  to attend training remotely.  
  • Include students in student-minister gatherings using videoconferencing technology when appropriate, and invite them to retreats. Apply for grant funds to reimburse students for travel expenses related to one or two retreats a year.

When evaluating student needs, be sure to include the input from isolated students in remote areas and include them in all the communication vehicles used with students in the program.

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