Appoint a Project Facilitator

It is recommended that district or regional staff appoint a minister to facilitate the in care program and lead the planning team or steering committee. Apply for a Step-up Grant from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to pay a stipend to this person who would work a recommended twelve hours per month.


The project facilitator’s responsibilities include:

  • Develop sustainable strategic priorities consistent with mission and recent grant funding
  • Facilitate tactical planning of the overall program
  • Convene and facilitate meetings of the planning team or steering committee
  • Work with each team member regarding expectations and role clarity
  • Invite a sense of integrated team collaboration in service to the mission
  • Provide a structure for follow up, encouragement and assistance of committee members if needed
  • Be willing and able to step into non-performing areas and provide correction
  • Consult in identifying and recruiting faculty for Unitarian Universalist courses at theological school
  • Serve as the public face of your in care program
  • Along with the student liaison, organize and lead student-minister gatherings