Building Blocks

Components to Build Your Program

There are various components that can be included in an in care system. Context, supportive partners, participation levels, and available resources will help you determine which of the components best fit your situation. Each component listed below is described in detail within this guide, and suggestions are made about implementation.

Design your program to include a few, several, or all of the following:

  • Developing a relationship with the seminary or theological school
  • Involving clergy to form an in care leadership team or steering committee
  • Designating an anchor congregation for holding events
  • Building relationships with students and helping them select their leadership
  • Involving prospective and enrolled students in an ongoing discernment process
  • Supporting students efforts to organize gatherings for themselves
  • Offering formational workshops where ministers teach students and relationships are built between them
  • Recruiting and training fellowshipped Unitarian Universalist ministers to serve as professional advisors
  • Matching professional advisors with prospective & enrolled theological students
  • Helping congregations encourage prospective ministers by offering opportunities to develop competencies and learning along with them
  • Implementing communication systems and tools