Benefits to Unitarian Universalism

Supporting a Vision for 21st Century Ministry

The Strategic Review of Professional Ministries Report (2011) described a vision of ministry including these key qualities: innovative and practical leadership, strong multicultural and multigenerational competency, emotional and spiritual health, and the ability to lift up a vision for what is possible.

While a theological school provides the academic grounding for this kind of transformational ministry, it is not sufficient. An in care program:

  • offers formative experiences and learning communities to assist students in obtaining the additional knowledge and skills for excellence in ministry
  • increases the health, vitality, and spiritual depth of our congregations and our tradition
  • presents opportunities for all involved to articulate and carry the vision of our faith into the world.

Supporting the Work of Congregational Life Staff

Unitarian Universalist Association (UU) A field staff know from experience that congregations and communities need ministers who are emotionally healthy, committed to collaborating with colleagues, experienced in working across congregations, and steeped in our tradition and history. An in care program offers students the forum to learn these skills.

An in care program also provides opportunities for Congregational Life staff to interact with students and get to know their gifts. This gives staff confidence when recommending students for pulpit supply, memorial services, weddings, and eventually ministry positions.