Benefits to Congregations and Lay Leaders

Being the home church to seminarians helps us fulfill a responsibility to the larger movement. It is so fun to see a student get ordained and remember them when they were first starting out. It makes us feel like we’ve really had a part in the process.

Congregations who interact with those in preparation for ministry gain a a sense of the trajectory of ministerial formation and see themselves as partners in the process, realizing they are part of something larger than their own church. Congregational life is enhanced in a number of ways:

  • Congregations become more vibrant when those preparing for ministry bring both energy and theological training to the ministries of the church, including religious education, worship, and justice ministries.
  • Congregations experience different styles of ministry and theological language, which helps congregations practice shared ministry grounded in our faith. This can be especially beneficial for fellowships or lay led congregations.
  • Lay leaders are invited to join seminarians for formational training, deepening their own spiritual lives and leadership abilities. Lay leaders report having been impacted greatly by these opportunities.
  • Lay leaders considering ministry can receive discernment support.