Fulfilling the Call

Fulfilling the Call book cover.

Information on Fulfilling the Call: A Model for UU Ministry in the 21st Century is available here.

A Model for 21st Century Ministry

To date, most in care programs have focused on helping students develop the competencies outlined as requirements for the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. While developing competencies is important, we suggest that in care programs align their programming with Fulfilling the Call: A Model for Unitarian Universalist Ministry in the 21st Century. This resource provides a framework for assessing the tasks and duties of ministry today and in the future. It is the product of eighteen months of partnership between the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), Unitarian Universalist Ministry Association (UUMA) and consultants from the Education Development Center. The handbook is available for seminarians, ministers and congregations from the UUA Bookstore.

Preparing for 21st Century Ministry

Those in preparation benefit from considering the duties and tasks of ministry described in Fulfilling the Call:

  • Leading worship
  • Officiating rites of passage
  • Providing pastoral care and presence
  • Encouraging spiritual development
  • Witnessing to social justice in the public square
  • Leading administration
  • Pursuing personal renewal and professional development
  • Serving the larger Unitarian Universalist faith
  • Leading the faith into the future

Building from competencies already acquired, they can determine which areas of study are most important to pursue and in what order. Assessing one’s current level of competence in each of the duties and tasks and seeking opportunities to enhance one’s skills in areas of need guides the seminarian toward a more focused and productive educational experience.