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Ministerial Fellowship Committee Encouraged Reading List and Resources

Unitarian Universalist History

Unitarian Universalist Theologies

Religious Education

Community Ministry

Denominational and Institutional Resources

Online Institutional Resources

History: General

  • George Huntston Williams, The Radical Reformation (1952; 3rd ed. 2000)
  • Charles H. Lyttle, Freedom Moves West: A History of the Western Unitarian Conference, 1852-1952 (1952; rev. ed. 2006)
  • Ernest Cassara, ed., Universalism in America: A Documentary History of a Liberal Faith (1971; 4th ed. 2006)
  • Russell E. Miller, The Larger Hope: The Universalist Church in America 2 volumes (1979, 1985)
  • Sydney E. Ahlstrom and Jonathan S. Carey, An American Reformation: Documentary History of Unitarian Christianity (1985)
  • David B. Parke, ed., The Epic of Unitarianism: Original Writings from the History of Liberal Religion (1985)
  • Conrad Wright, The Unitarian Controvers: Essays on American Unitarian History (1994)
  • Dorothy Emerson, Standing Before Us: Unitarian Universalist Women and Social Reform 1776-1936 (1999)
  • David E. Bumbaugh, Unitarian Universalism: A Narrative History (2000)
  • Ann Lee Bressler, The Universalist Movement in America, 1770-1880 (2001)
  • John Allen Macaulay, Unitarianism in the Antebellum South: The Other Invisible Institution (2001)

Online History Resources

History: Special Topics

  • Robert Cummins, Excluded: The Story of the Council of Churches and the Universalists (1964)
  • Eugene B. Navias, Singing our History: Tales, Texts and Tunes from Two Centuries of Unitarian and Universalists Hymns (1975)
  • Spencer Lavan, Unitarians and India: A Study in Encounter and Response (1977)
  • Donald M. Scott, From Office to Profession: The New England Ministry 1750-1850 (1978)
  • Stephen A. Marini, Radical Sects of Revolutionary New England (1982)
  • Daniel Walker Howe, The Unitarian Conscience: Harvard Moral Philosophy, 1805-1861 (1988)
  • Mason Olds, American Religious Humanism (1995; rev. ed. 2006)
  • Fredric John Muir, Maglipay Universalist: A History of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines (2001)
  • Phillip Hewett, Racovia: An Early Liberal Religious Community (2004)
  • Victor Carpenter, The Long Challenge: The Empowerment Controversy, 1967-1977 (2004)
  • Robert Nelson West, Crisis and Change: My Years as President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, 1969-1977 (2007)

Unitarian Universalist/Liberal Theologies

  • James Luther Adams, On Being Human Religiously Max L. Stackhouse, ed. (1976)
  • James Luther Adams, Voluntary Associations J. Ronald Engel, ed. (1986)
  • James Luther Adams, The Prophethood of All Believers George K. Beach, ed. (1986)
  • James Luther Adams, An Examined Faith George K. Beach, ed. (1991) 
  • Andrew M. Hill, Jill K. McAllister, and Clifford M. Reed, eds., A Global Conversation: Unitarian/Universalism at the Dawn of the 21st Century, Proceedings of the ICUU Theological Symposium, 2001, Oxford, England (2002)
  • George Kimmich Beach, Transforming Liberalism: The Theology of James Luther Adams (2005)
  • The Home We Share: Globalization, Post-Modernism, and Unitarian/Universalist Theology, Proceedings of the 2nd ICUU Theological Symposium, 2006, Kolosvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania (2007)
  • Gary Dorrien, The Making of American Liberal Theology 3 volumes (2001, 2003, 2006)

Biographical and Cultural Resources

  • William R. Hutchison, Transcendentalist Ministers: Church Reform in the New England Renaissance (1959; rev. 2005)
  • Ann Douglas, The Feminization of American Culture (1977; rev. 1998)
  • Robert D. Richardson, Henry Thoreau: A Life of the Mind (1988)
  • Ann Braude, Radical Spirits: Spiritualism and Women’s Rights in 19th Century America (1989; 2d ed. 2001)
  • James Luther Adams, Not Without Dust and Heat: A Memoir (1995)
  • Robert D. Richardson, Emerson: The Mind on Fire (1996)
  • Joan W. Goodwin, The Remarkable Mrs. Ripley: The Life of Sarah Alden Bradford Ripley (1998)
  • Peter S. Field, The Crisis of the Standing Order: Clerical Intellectuals and Cultural Authority in Massachusetts, 1780-1833 (1998)
  • Richard Henry, Norbert Fabian Capek: A Spiritual Journey (1999)
  • Megan Marshall, The Peabody Sisters: Three Women Who Ignited American Romanticism (2005)
  • Susan Cheever, American Bloomsbury: Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau: Their Lives, Their Loves, Their Work (2006)
  • Dean Grodzins, American Heretic: Theodore Parker and Transcendentalism (2007)
  • Catherine L. Albanese, A Republic of Mind and Spirit: A Cultural History of American Metaphysical Religion (2007)
  • Cynthia Tucker, No Silent Witness: The Eliot Parsonage Women and Their Unitarian World (Oxford U P, 2010)

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