Staffing in Large Congregations
Staffing in Large Congregations
Congregational Administration, Staffing & Supervision

Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations with more than 550 members are considered "large" in our faith community. If your congregation is in this category, you probably know well that the needs of large congregations are very different.

  • Staffing the Large Congregation (PDF)
    How much staff should a congregation should and what should their lines of accountability be? Those are both good questions: an effective church staff requires adequate numbers, balance, clear lines of authority, and motivating leadership.
  • The Senior Minister as Chief of Staff (PDF)
    It’s common for people to ask why it is that the senior minister should be chief of staff, barring some compelling reason for organizing the staff otherwise. Beyond being the most common model in a multi-staff congregation, designating the senior minister (or co-ministers) as chief of staff is grounded in the minister’s breadth of oversight and privilege of call.

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