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Withdrawals and Distributions from the Unitarian Universalist Organizations Retirement Plan

Participants may withdraw funds upon attainment of:

  • age 59½ or
  • termination of employment or
  • permanent disability or 
  • retirement

Paperwork Required

In order to initiate a cash withdrawal, the plan participant calls the TIAA dedicated phone line for Unitarian Universalist (UU) Organizations Retirement Plan participants: (800) 842-2829. TIAA will help the participant to initiate the proper paperwork, and will respond to the participant's key questions. See below for paperless transactions permitted for IRS-required and recurring minimum distributions.

Plan Signature Required

Once a participant has completed their portion of the paperwork, they are to keep a copy and send the completed paperwork to the UU Organizations Retirement Plan Assistant for review and application of the Plan Representative Signature so that TIAA may process properly.

Mail to:

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)
Attn: Retirement Plan Assistant
24 Farnsworth Street
Boston, MA 02210-1409

Employees who are or were only directly employed by the UUA itself must send their paperwork through UUA Human Resources.

Required Minimum Distribution

Federal law mandates that participants must begin to receive the IRS-required Minimum Distribution (RMD) no later than the April 1 following the calendar year after becoming 70 ½ or terminating employment, whichever is later. Participants requesting RMD timely, call TIAA: (800) 842-2829 and provide SSN or account number to initiate an RMD or Recurring RMD paperlessly.

Retirement Distributions

Read Upon Retirement.

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