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During 2010, the Unitarian Universalist Association Health Plan (UUAHP) launched its Wellness Initiative, Choose Health (PDF).

Wellness Blogging!

In August 2011, the UUAHP launched its blog, Choose Health.

We are urging UUAHP members to become empowered by increasing their awareness of their own health.

This blog seeks to:

  • highlight the most current news in wellness, nutrition and fitness;
  • create a forum for UUAHP members, Unitarian Universalists and congregations to engage in thoughtful health and wellness discussions;
  • and to share information with UUAHP members and congregations regarding plan improvements and news.

General Assembly (GA)

We distributed brochures filled with healthy eating options around the Charlotte Convention Center. The brochure also included tips on eating healthfully while traveling.

We also gave away 100 pedometers and lifestyle logbooks at our booth this year! We recorded over 1,000,000 steps at GA 2011! That many steps equals 14 total pounds lost!

Overdiagnosed Giveaway

Since March, we have distributed nearly 150 copies to UUAHP members of the new Beacon Press book Overdiagnosed, written by Dr. H. Gilbert Welch. This book discusses the ramifications of excessive medical testing in our society.

If you are enrolled in the UUAHP and would like to receive a complimentary copy, please complete our form now!

Health Risk Assessment

The first Choose Health initiative encourages members to visit Highmark BlueCross BlueShield and complete their Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

Steps for completing your HRA:

  1. Register at Highmark for your own member account.
  2. Log-in and select Wellness Profile
  3. Complete your HRA (it is useful to have height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other pertinent medical history information on hand).
  4. Begin to use Health Media Succeed resources. The tools are personalized to your survey responses and include stress management techniques, fitness and nutrition resources, and smoking cessation programs, to name a few!

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