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  • Assessment of the situation:

    • expected/prepared
    • family supports—short and long term
    • unusual circumstances; traumatic suicide
    • child or parent of a young child
    • dysfunctional family
  • Give information over the phone if bereaved person has family supports, or go in person if family needs emotional support or if there is no family—leave your home phone number for them to call you if they need further information.
  • Call Neighborhood Coordinator for meals or condolences.
  • Send condolence card/send separate card to children.
  • Follow up phone call in 3-5 days.
  • Attend the Memorial Service if bereaved is a church member.
  • Follow up for 12-18 months with emotional support, particularly if bereaved is living alone.
  • Follow up might also include necessary paper work, thank-you notes, or disposing of belongings.
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