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Each Team has approximately twenty hours of training

before starting to work. Our timeline has been to select a new Team in

the Fall, start training the first of the year and start work after

dedication the first of May.

Karen Lindley did the initial training from First Unitarian Church

of Wilmington Delaware where Karen is the director of Ministry

Development. The goal of this four and a half hour work shop is to help

new Pastoral Care Team members own their passion and commitment to

helping others and actualizing this energy into a Pastoral Care

ministry. Our Mission Statement has evolved out of the work done in

this initial training.

Next we had a one-day training by Rev. Flo Gelo, a Unitarian

minister with particular expertise in Pastoral Care. Flo discusses

listening skills, visiting people in the hospital, issues related to

death and bereavement, the religious component of Pastoral Care, the

importance of confidentiality, and knowing your limits.

Finally we had another one day of training by Kathie Dietsch,

a trainer for Hospice Caring. She conducted exercises on communication

and listening for half a day and spent the other half discussing

Hospice. In between the formal training sessions we had meetings to

discuss procedures and the process of evaluating the people we were

seeing to decide on how we might be helpful to them. We have also

compiled a notebook of community resources. Once the Team is activated

we have on-going continuing education in the form of speakers or

videotapes Our first Pastoral Care Team spent the past seven months

compiling information and answers to questions that arise at the time

of a death. Out of this in formation we have developed a protocol based

on how to be most helpful to members of our congregation should a death

occur. The protocol is in this folder. We find that ongoing education

is most useful when it relates to the kinds of problems the team is

facing. Death was the area about which we felt we bad the least

knowledge; therefore, we spent much time researching and compiling

useful information. Other areas in which we intend to get more training

ate: dementia, living wills, advanced medical directives, CPR, options

for retirement living, bereavement, and depression.

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