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Braver/Wiser Archive
  • Blue Sky Returning

    Before I moved to Michigan, friends warned me about the long months of overcast skies. I’d lived in climates where winter came with snow and freezing temperatures, but also included plenty of sunshine and that sharp cobalt reserved for particularly cold days. Here, though, the...
    By Lindasusan Ulrich | 4/25/2018
  • The Strength That Defines Us

    My son was five when he announced that he would no longer cut his hair. He hated going through the whole process. He also liked his hair and was done. I agreed; I, too, was done fighting with him about haircuts. As time went on, I marveled at the beauty of his hair and the way...
    By Rayla D. Mattson | 4/18/2018
  • That They May Have Like-Mindedness

    As I was locking up the church after choir rehearsal, I was struck (not for the first time) by the engraved sign above the chapel door. It boldly says, “THAT THEY MAY HAVE LIFE.” Our historic sanctuary, which now serves as our chapel, has half a dozen or so such scripture verses...
    By DeReau K. Farrar | 4/11/2018
  • Putting the Pieces Together

    I love jigsaw puzzles. I love that moment of satisfaction when you finally find the fourth corner piece, and the smooth feel of the completed puzzle under your hand. But what I love most is seeing the picture emerge. How many times have I stared at the original mess of pieces —...
    By Amanda Poppei | 4/4/2018

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