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Braver/Wiser Archive
Braver/Wiser Archive
  • No Longer Claiming "Divorced"

    I used to be very conscious of the fact that I was “a single mom” — so self-conscious, in fact, that I would add that I was “a divorced mother,” as if this extra piece of information somehow made things better; as if people would judge me less if they knew that I did, in fact,...
    By Rayla D. Mattson | 2/14/2018
  • Lean in to Life

    I recently found myself in a Kundalini yoga class with a new teacher. I'm a UU, but Kundalini Yoga is my spiritual practice. I’m wearing my white cotton clothing, my head wrap, sitting on my natural fiber blanket, moving contently through the exercises with care and focus and...
    By Tara Humphries | 2/7/2018

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