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Share Your Congregation's Participation the the 2016-17 Common Read: The Third Reconstruction
Share Your Participation in the 2017-18 Common Read
Faith Development, Adult Faith Development

The Common Read Selection Committee has named two books for 2017-18. Centering helps with the inner work of today's Unitarian Universalism; Daring Democracy looks boldly outward.

The 2017-18 Common Read selections each have a discussion guide with plans for facilitating a single-session group as well as a three-session, more-in depth series for Unitarian Universalist faith communities.

Download the discussion guide for Centering.

Download the discussion guide for Daring Democracy.

Optional slides (PowerPoint file) are available for each discussion guide for those who prefer to project questions and prompts than to write them on newsprint. Download questions and prompts slides for Centering. Download questions and prompts slides for Daring Democracy.

Make plans for in person discussion groups and/or find a reading partner and talk about the book together. Let us know below how your reading group is going!


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