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Truth and wisdom come from many sources. For centuries, reading and sharing the written word have helped us learn, grow, comfort and challenge. No matter where you are on life's journey, you can find a voice that offers a new interpretation of how to grapple with your hopes, fears and values in the world.

These books and magazines, published through the Unitarian Universalist Association, raise up the values of human dignity and universal interconnection. Search books based on topic, browse online articles that feed the spirit, or join this year's Common Read. 

Love Beyond God Title

Skinner House Books

Life never stops sending new spiritual challenges our way. How do we cross cultural borders, grapple with grief and loss, navigate growth and change, strive for justice and action, or questioning conscience and belief? Unafraid to tackle the thorniest issues, Skinner House brings you insightful writing for every age and stage drawn from the Unitarian Universalist tradition. 

Cover art for Man's Search for Meaning, young readers edition, by Victor E. Frankl

Beacon Press

Since 1854, Beacon Press books have been changing the way readers think about fundamental issues​ by promoting values like freedom of speech and thought, the importance of economic and social justice issues, religious pluralism, respect for our environment, and the importance of the arts in a civil society. From best-selling titles to national print and broadcast reviews to college curricula and citywide reading programs, Beacon books are known for their values-based, forward-thinking perspectives. 

A trembling world (waiting to be born). © 2015 Daniel Nevins. Oil on wood, 36" x 48"

Spirit | UU World

Read these thoughtful, imaginative authors as they wrestle with the deepest questions. UU World magazine's Spirit section features honest and reflective short-form writing from Unitarian Universalist communities and beyond. Articles cover spiritual practice, living a faithful life, theological questions, ethical wonderings, and more.

For more information contact worshipweb@uua.org.

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