What Does the General Assembly Youth Care Team Do?

By Jennica Davis-Hockett

GA Youth Staff Caring for a Pineapple, the symbol of hospitality

If the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality, the GA Youth Care Team is the pineapple of General Assembly.

This article is part of our series “So You Wanna Be on GA Youth Staff”. Be sure to check out the other positions and learn more about which ones you want to apply for!

Who You’d Work With

You’ll be working with a team of three other youth, and two adults. For now, all of the positions are one year slots so it’s unlikely that any of you will have experience on GA Youth Staff! The deans (Kari and Andreas) will be mostly in charge of selecting the four youth, and we want a team that can work well together and balance each other out.

What You’d Do This Year

This is the first year we’ve had a Care Team, which is really exciting for you! You’ll have some more flexibility on what you intend for the position, and what you do this year will shape the role for years to come. That said, we have a lot of ideas for what you’ll do. It will involve a lot of communication with adults at GA: the GA Chaplains, Right Relations Team, and Safety Team will all be very important, and you’ll most likely want to make connections with groups like BLUU, DRUUMM, and the UU College of Social Justice too. Some youth activities you might take charge of are building our covenant, organizing game times and check-ins, and connecting youth to any resources they might need.

What Skills and Experience Will Make You Successful

We want a Care Team that is, number one, caring. The Care Team will be spending a lot of time just interacting with the GA youth community and should have the perceptive skills to know when to ask a youth if they’d like to speak with a trained chaplain or other resource. You should also be able to gauge the vibe of the community as a whole and be able to respond appropriately (when GA youth are hype, Care Team is hype! When GA youth are chill, Care Team is chill). There isn’t one type of person that fits in this box, but if you like working with people (in groups or one-on-one), making connections, and building community, this may be the role for you. Because the Care Team is made up of six people, it will require a lot of effort to keep in touch throughout this winter and spring before GA. The better your communication skills (especially your virtual ones) and the more flexible your schedule, the more successful you’ll be on the Care Team.

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