Top 25 Check in Questions

Ok actually 26 favorites.

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Check in questions B&W by UUA Youth & Young Adult Ministries

List of Favorite Check in Questions

Rose (something going well) Bud (something to look forward to) Thorn (something difficult right now)

What's your favorite recipe / food?

Show and tell

  • Pull something random from your pocket or bag and tell a story about why it's in there
  • bring something from or about an ancestor and describe it

  • share an item that is spiritual to you for a collective altar

What is your favorite road trip or airplane food?

  • NOTE: not everyone has been on a road trip or airplane.

  • Best to use if the group goes on a trip together.

What's your favorite thing about where you're from?

How would you describe your favorite meal?

What’s your favorite animal (real or mythical)?

What makes you happy / brings you joy?

What is your favorite UU Song?

How long have you been part of the UU community?

Which would be more difficult for you to go a week without?

  • Pick fun or serious either / or options to choose between.

  • NOTE: Take into consideration that many people go without important things or basic needs being met for extended periods of time.

  • Don't use this question if it will be activating or triggering for participants.

What's your most comfortable communication style?

  • Great question to ask when a group is forming
  • Examples: oral, American Sign Language, written, symbols, AAC (augmentative and alternate communication) device, etc?

Are you more of an Introvert or Extravert?

If you could eat your way out of one food what would it be and why?

What music do you listen to you?

What are your hobbies?

What do you like to do in your free time?

How old are you?

  • ALTERNATIVE: for multigenerational groups you can ask "What generation do you belong to and do you identify with that?"

  • NOTE: For youth who are older or younger than their grade or life stage would suggest this question can feel exposing. Know your group before you use this question.

What’s your favorite seed on an everything bagel?

  • ALTERNATIVES: what's your favorite seasoning or what's your favorite tiny food?

What do you wish others knew about you?

  • This question can get deep! Use this question if you have pastoral follow-up care in place and know the group can be supportive of each other.

If you had to live inside a TV show, which would it be?

What type of fruit are you today?

If your mood were a type of weather what would it be?

What do you like to spend your time learning about?

What's your favorite scent?

What real or mythical creature would you get as a pet & how would you convince your caregivers/roommates to keep it?

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