Transracial Adoption Workshop with Rev. Monica
Transracial Adoption Workshop with Rev. Monica

Rev. Monica on "What's Up With That?"

New in the series of Youth Identity Intro Workshops from The Reverend Dr. Monica L. Cummings and the staff of the Resource Development Office, this one-hour workshop for parents and religious professionals provides an animated video and discussion guide. Though the animated video focuses on experiences of youth of color adopted by white parents, the discussion invites groups to talk about the support they, as adults, can offer any youth of color growing up in a multiracial or mostly white family, congregation, and/or community. See the "How to Use This Workshop" section of the Discussion Guide to determine facilitators suitable to lead this workshop. Rev. Dr. Monica L. Cummings, yayaofcolor [at] uua [dot] org, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Director for Ministry to Youth and Young Adults of Color, creator of the animated video, may be available to participate in a workshop via Skype or in person. View the video and download the discussion guide here. View the full list of workshops on identity-based topics here.  

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