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Enter the UU Web of Youth Ministry

By Ted Resnikoff

So Much – In One Little Tri-Fold!

Historically, UU congregations have focused on the Youth Group as the primary model for ministry with youth. The Web of Youth Ministry helps your congregation create a truly multigenerational community that welcomes and affirms the voices, gifts, and journeys of every person of every age. Adapted from the Renaissance Module Ministry with Youth, this pamphlet is for congregations to go beyond the one-size-fits-all youth group approach to nurture a more vibrant, inclusive faith community in which youth are encouraged to grow in spirit, service and leadership.  

With information on:

  • Spiritual Development
  • Beloved Community
  • Justice Making
  • Faith Exploration
  • Multigenerational Relationships
  • Covenantal Leadership
  • Identity Formation
  • Pastoral Care
  • Bibliography of additional resources
      Find Beth Dana and Jesse Jaeger's the Web of Youth Ministry pamphlet at the UUA Bookstore here.