Be A Youth Delegate at General Assembly
Be A Youth Delegate at General Assembly

Isabelle McCurdy explains the difference you will make...

Isabelle McCurdy, Senior Business Manager for the General Assembly 2016 Youth Caucus, was one of the driving forces behind the successful 2015 Youth Caucus Action of Immediate Witness, "Support the Black Lives Matter Movement" (Learn here how they did it.) Read what she has to say about how important being a Youth Delegate to General Assembly is:

"Being a youth delegate is one of the most prestigious jobs at GA. Adults are expected to go, to vote, and to debate business; and when youth do these things, the value of their actions increase tenfold. When youth use their voice and share their ideas, it sends a message about our faith like nothing else can. Youth delegates are crucial to GA, because when Youth Caucus may want to show their support for a business item during assembly--or bring something forward they feel is not being mentioned--someone has to make those statements. Someone has to represent the youth.”

-Isabelle McCurdy, Senior Business Manager for Youth Caucus 2016

  Read more about being a Youth Delegate. Watch Kara Marler, Youth Caucus 2015 Senior Business Manager explain how you can become a Youth Delegate:

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