YA Comment on #futureof ga
YA Comment on #futureof ga
The recent UUA Board meeting agenda in Philadelphia included Fifth Principle Task Force Reports, on the future of General Assembly, a subject of particular interest to Unitarian Universalist young adults. Here we excerpt a comment from a post by Kevin Leininger on his experience and thoughts following his address the Board. (Read full story here.) –Ed.

Young Adults represented at UUA Board of Trustees Meeting?!

by Kevin Leininger, YASC Co-Moderator    
The main concern was how GA Delegates currently work.  Currently, GA Delegates are not required to be responsive to the needs of their congregation.  Many delegates are self-selected to represent their church based on having the free time and money to attend.  Rarely do these people report back to their congregation, or are truly representing the opinion of their congregations… they’re typically representing themselves. The proposed solution to this can be found here: http://www.uua.org/uuagovernance/board/packets/281823.shtml With this solution there are some concerns for historically under-represented folks in our faith (Youth, Young Adults, and People of Color to name a few).  The main concern is that these under-represented folks are less likely to be sent as a congregation’s delegate.  This is a problem, and the UUA Board of Trustees wanted to address that.
Reflection and response is encouraged! - Ed.    

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