Advice Video: Let's All Go to GA! Taking Youth Groups to General Assembly, part 8: Coming Home

By Deborah Neisel-Sanders

Bringing a group of youth to GA this year and just don't know where to start? Or do you wish your annual GA trip was easier? Check out our video series starring some real experts at bringing youth groups to GA. You asked, and we've answered!

These nine 15-minute videos will be released every 1-2 weeks and will be themed according to what you can work on at each point of the timeline. Bookmark the web page or sign up for the Blue Boat newsletter to catch the latest update.

Part 8: Let's All Go to GA!

Video recording: 9 minutes, 17 seconds

Returning Home: the best way to wrap GA up in a big bow is to plan ahead.

Be sure to build in some structured time when you get back for reflection and discussion, especially if your congregation takes a summer break shortly afterwards. GA is a big, beautiful, crazy experience and attendees definitely benefit from a chance to process what they've seen, heard, felt, learned, and experienced. Once they've made sense of it, sharing their experience is vital!

This video series is hosted by: Deborah Neisel-Sanders, Jessica Laikeman, Mary Carter-Vail, and Scott Stewart.

Links to the programs and opportunities mentioned in this video are available at For GA Trip Organizers.