Our Brand, Ourself

Examining the Unitarian Universalist (UU) and Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) brand is the fruit of reflection on the disconnect between the number of people who religiously "brand" themselves as UUs and the larger number of people who live by UU Principles, to increase the denominational and congregational health of UUism through growth.

This process of self-examination provokes uncertainty at the same time it creates excitement over the vision of a more prominent role in American religious life for UUism – and much has been made of keeping connection with the ageless and intemporal aspects of human existence as celebrated by this faith while increasing UU relevance for people today.

Re-imagining the expression of UU identity with new words and pictures inspires commentary and comment (both within and outside the UU community) befitting an examination of faith in a consumerist society – some of it emotional or snarky, some of it pensive or ruminative – all of it testament to the complexity and diversity of UUism and UUs. We present a collection of both and invite you to chime in – how do you think this branding exercise affects UUism and its future?


Selling (Something That Approximates) God, by Alyssa Giacobbe. Boston Magazine Weak Identities, UU sectarianism, and Branding, from The Lively Tradition, by Tom Schade Branding hurts a little; Ask Any Cow, from The Lively Tradition, by Tom Schade, New UUA Logo Part of Outreach Effort, from UU World Announcement: The UUA Brand Story, press release from the UUA. A Chalice for Your Thoughts, comments on the new UUA logo on the "Brand New" section of the graphic design industry blog Under Consideration.    

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