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A Millenial Reveals Why Millenials Leave Religion

By Ted Resnikoff



Ready to Lead – Not Just Follow

Antonia Blumberg, Associate Editor of HuffPost Religion observes the lack of young adult leadership of organizations devoted to social change, despite that as a group young adults massively participate in actions fort change.  
The Unitarian Universalist Association agrees! We promote youth and young adult leadership and work to create multigenerational congregation
  From her commentary on Huffington Post:
We're leaving for different reasons, probably in large part our fatigue with outdated social mores. But I imagine it also has something to do with our marginalization in many religious organizations.
Antonia Blumberg's commentary ends with the following request,
If any religious leader or conference organizer would like to invite us to the table to discuss matters of faith, ecology, politics and social justice, we would be happy to join. It would no doubt be a fruitful discussion.
Ms. Blumberg: please considered yourself invited, by us.   Read A Millenial's Open Letter to Faith Leaders on the Huffington Post.