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Be Appointed and Lead @ The UUA

By Ted Resnikoff

 Calling all leaders!

The Board of the UUA wants your leadership

The Appointments Committee of the UUA is looking for a few good folks to step up to the denominational plate and apply to sit on a wide range of Board appointed committees. There are about fifteen spots to fill calling upon a wide range of expertise and interests and we need you! We want these committees to reflect the full diversity of Unitarian Universalism and Unitarian Universalists, and for that we need your help – and your application!

The Appointments Committee recommends applicants to the Board of Trustees of the UUA to fill positions that are open or might open on the:

  • Audit Committee,
  • Committee on Socially Responsible Investing,
  • Commission on Social Witness,
  • Election Campaign Practices Committee,
  • Health Plan Trust,
  • General Assembly (GA) Planning Committee,
  • Investment Committee,
  • Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee,
  • Open UUA,
  • The Presidential Search Committee,
  • The Retirement Plan Committee.
Learn more about these various committees of the UUA Board here. ( To apply, head on over HERE! ( We look forward to receiving your application! -The Appointments Committee of the UUA Board. Thanks! - Tim Atkins
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