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  • Should Sleeping Dogs Be Left Lying?

    White Lies, Ep. 2 looks at the trials of Viola Liuzzo and James Reeb's murderers. We hear Dr. King's eulogy for James Reeb, LBJ’s famous speech, and learn how Alabama Attorney General Flowers fought segregation and bias in the Liuzzo jury selection. We also learn the depth and...
    By Bart Frost | 5/24/2019
    Filed in: Stories and Voices
  • Evolution of our Ministry to Youth and Young Adults: Your Participation is Valued!

    A call to all who love Unitarian Universalist youth, young adult, and youth and young adult of color ministry. As part of an intentional process to increase effectiveness, the UUA us hosting a listening session on May 28, 109, at 8PM Eastern.
    By Ted Resnikoff | 5/17/2019
  • Exposing Truths of the Murder of Rev. James Reeb

    Think you know the story of Rev. James Reeb, murdered on the streets of Selma, Alabama, answering the call of Martin Luther King to clergy in support of civil rights? We've got more information, and thoughtful questions to deepen awareness and situate Reeb's sacrifice in the...
    By Bart Frost | 5/17/2019
  • The GA Experience: What's it really like?

    Bringing a group of youth to GA this year and just don't know where to start? Or do you wish your annual GA trip was easier? Check out our video series starring some real experts at bringing youth groups to GA. You asked, and we've answered!
  • Summer Events for Youth and Emerging Adults

    The UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries produces summer events where youth or emerging adults connect with UUs from all over the land. Each event has unique programming exploring specific needs and questions; everyone who attends leaves for home with their Unitarian...
    By Ted Resnikoff | 5/2/2019

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