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  • 123 Faces of Diverse Unitarian Universalism

    What would a more racially diverse Unitarian Universalist faith look like? Cameron Whitten, a 27 year old UU from Portland, recently released a self-financed project exploring answers to that question. His project, Color/Full, is a website that houses 123 stories by Unitarian...
    By Ted Resnikoff | 7/10/2018
    Filed in: Stories and Voices
  • "Sustainable Youth Ministy" Does What it Says, So You Should Really, Really Read It

    Welcome back to Bart Reviews Books! We have our first requested review, Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries. Lots of gratitude to Shelia Schuh for the request. There are a few major names in youth ministry: Dean, Yaconelli, Powell, and DeVries. Mark DeVries is the...
    By Bart Frost | 7/10/2018
    Filed in: Guides and Tools
  • Interdependence Day

    The Fourth of July means something different to me than celebrating our freedom from British colonial rule and the wars we’ve fought in the name of that freedom.  To me, the 4th should be Interdependence Day dedicated to abolishing ICE (Immigrations and Customs...
    By Jennica Davis-Hockett | 7/3/2018
    Filed in: Social Justice

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