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  • How are we doing?

    Take some time to evaluate yourself: how are you getting your needs met for unlearning systems of oppression? How is your community doing on meeting people's needs?
    By Annie Gonzalez Milliken | 11/28/2017
  • What are we supposed to do about it?

    When we've acquired new learning/done some unlearning of systems of oppression we need to practice. But what does practice actually look like? We can take actions on the personal, interpersonal, communal and systemic levels for maximum impact.
    By Annie Gonzalez Milliken | 11/28/2017
  • How do we unlearn this stuff?

    In order to unlearn systems of oppression we need to be challenged, comforted and have space to process. How do we meet those needs well while respecting others?
    By Annie Gonzalez Milliken | 11/28/2017
  • Can We Actually Meet Everyone's Needs?

    "Given that everyone in our congregation is in different places around racial justice, how can we meet all their needs?" wondered the religious educators in my white caucus at LREDA Fall Con. If you've ever wondered how to support yourself or your community in unlearning systems...
    By Annie Gonzalez Milliken | 11/28/2017
  • Growing Spirit

    96% of parents prioritized that youth programs should be safe spaces for youth to explore their faith. We’re pretty good at creating safe spaces for our young folks, but how do we engage in promoting spiritual growth for everyone in our congregations?
    By Bart Frost | 11/6/2017
    Filed in: Guides and Tools, Youth
  • The Pink Sea: Reflections on the Women's March

    As we approach the one year anniversary of the Women's Marches that erupted all over the world immediately following Trump's inauguration, we take a look at the Women's March in D.C. from the perspective of a Unitarian Universalist youth.
    By Emma Prats | 11/3/2017
    Filed in: Stories and Voices

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